Saturday, July 23, 2016

yard woes step 2

This winter had been a really tough one for us with owing a home. We have had one flood after another in our basement. So far we haven't really had any really bad damage, however it still totally sucks!!!!!!!
Issues 1:
Our drain pipe wasn't working correctly in turn putting all the draining water right up next to the house and filling up our window wells with water, which in turn leaked through causing our basement to start accumulating water.
We have done a few things to fix it so right now we aren't having issues. We also have clean up down to a science!!!
Pump the outside and shop vac up the inside! 
Issue 2: our new found one :(
Our master tub leaks. Come to find out, with the help of a local plumber, it's the faucet that is leaking. So we are getting that fixed. However with that we noticed there is a lot more water then would just be cause by that leak.
We pulled out the bottom half of the insulation and it seems we have ground water coming in. Makes me super sad and frustrated,.... But that's the name of the game. 
That's the next project for us!!!

Here are some of the pics I've been too depressed to post 

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  1. How frustrating. Good luck on a solution.